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Tips to get a Job: Resume Advice

Video Transcript:

Hi! I’m Terri with Workforce Strategies, where we take the hassle out of hiring. So if you find yourself in a position where are you are looking for a job like a lot of people are right now, you may be thinking about updating your résumé. I’m going to give you three quick tips to help get you noticed.

The first thing is keep your resume short. One page is the ideal length for a résumé. You give an employer a good snapshot of your skill set and experience, in that one page. Often, if a résumé is longer than that, two or three pages, the employer will never read all the way through it to see the full scope of who you are.

Number two, make sure that your résumé is not overstylized. One of the questions I get most often is, “why am I applying for these jobs that no body is calling me?” When I look at the résumé, what I find most often is that they have added lots of colors, lots of boxes, lots of lines, lots of shapes. And an electronic system that filters out resumes can’t read those things. It doesn’t understand what that is, so it automatically kicks it out and the résumé never makes it to the hiring manager.

And the third and final thing, is to make sure that when you’re reading the job ad for the job that you want to apply for, pick up on the buzz words. What are the most important features of that job and that company’s culture? And include those things in your résumé, to make sure you get noticed.

Terri Noah, Workforce Strategies: we take the hassle out of hiring.

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