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Professional recruiting services that align the employer and applicant for long term success.

SERVICES FOR EMPLOYERS: When recruiting employees you may find that you are spending 80 plus hours running ads, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and calling references, only to discover the candidate wasn’t the quality match you desired. With Workforce Strategies, LLC you can be confident you are saving time and money, using valuable resources interviewing and on-boarding candidates who have already been identified as a top tier fit.


SERVICES FOR APPLICANTS: Looking for a new career can be challenging and rewarding. We want to help you find the next step on the career ladder. With Workforce Strategies, LLC you will experience professional services such as resume review, clear details of the available positions, an in depth interview process to help pair you with the ideal employer. It is our goal to match people to a purpose! Workforce Strategies, LLC can give you direct access to the most desirable employers in our service area. No more submitting resumes or applications only to be filtered out by an automated system. We will help you get in front of the right people!

Serving Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Alabama to meet all your workforce needs!



Service Management

Service Management


Professional Office Staff

Skilled Labor

Skilled Labor

Certified Trades

Certified Trades

Healthcare Providers

Professional Sales

Professional Sales



Professional Office Staff




Applicant Screening

Solutions for EMPLOYERS seeking their next great hire:

EMPLOYERS, start here

Corporate Discovery:

We take the time to learn the culture and goals of your organization so that we can identify candidates with aligning values.


Professional Recruiting Services:

Through our rigorous recruiting methods, we are able to provide the highest quality candidates for your workforce.


Compensation and Benefits Review:

Regional review of compensation packages with the goal of: identifying employers who are competing for candidates, benchmark pay, work schedules, and benefits.  We want to position your company, as the employer of choice.


Pre-Qualified Candidate Submission:

Only those candidates identified as having top tier potential will be scheduled to meet with your leadership team. Saving your organization valuable time and money.

Pre-Qualification and Screening Services:


Job position advertising.


Initial applicant phone interview.


In person applicant interview.


Employment/education verification, licensure verification.


Social media review and reference checks.


Pre-hire job related assessments (where required).


Our staff will take the time to learn the culture and goals of your organization so that we can identify candidates with aligning goals. We provide professional recruiting through various methods to ensure the highest quality candidates. Each applicant is fully vetted through our rigorous interview process, tailored to your organization. Candidates also undergo personal and professional background review. Once the top candidates are identified, we will schedule them for final interview with your leadership team.



This recruiting service allows your organization to work with a candidate for a set term before hiring them permanently. Included in this service is position advertising, phone interview, in person interview, employment/education verification, reference check, skills testing, and licensure verification (if required). All candidates will be required to submit for drug testing and background check. Top 1-3 candidates scheduled to interview with client for final hiring decision. The Contract Staffing option allows the employer to see how an employee functions in their organization without paying benefits, payroll taxes or worker’s compensation during the contract period. When the employee completes their contract period they will be fully trained and ready to function as part of your team.



Our Compensation and Benefits Review program will help you identify competing employers, pay, work schedules, and benefits. We will develop a comprehensive report that details how your company matches up and make suggestions on how to improve your hiring position.

When you assess pay and benefits against the regional market you have the opportunity to gain insight on what hindrances may be keeping you from getting the employees you desire. Competition for high quality candidates is strong, and we want to make YOU the leader.


APPLICANTS, start here

Solutions for APPLICANTS seeking their next great career move:

Jessica Lake

"Workforce Strategies has been such an added benefit to our company! Terri saved us so much time and money by selecting, interviewing and filtering candidates for us. I can focus on insurances, payroll, and employee benefits among many other duties, while I know my job openings are being filled as well. Thank you Workforce Strategies!"

Rick Landry

"What a great value! Workforce Strategies saved the day when we had to expand our workforce. We have an orientation beginning next week with 15 new employees hand picked and delivered on a silver platter from Workforce Strategies. Game-changer outsourcing!"

Career Path

We will take the time to review your career goals to help identify your ideal position.


Resumes and Portfolios

Resume or Portfolio review to put you at the forefront of the applicant pool and get you noticed by your employer of choice.


Qualifications Screening

Discussion of skills, education and culture to assist with identifying employers whose needs, goals, and values align with your own.

Clyde Jenkins

"I can't believe how easy it was to find this job! Workforce Strategies called me in for exactly the role I was seeking in my new employment. I never wanted to leave my previous role but cutbacks forced me into a decision for my future and I had no idea that it could be this simple to take the next step. It's been a month in my new employment and I couldn't be happier!"

Heidi Stevenson

"I knew the right job was out there for me! I just needed a little extra help teaming up with someone who had their thumb on the pulse of industry here! When I first met with Terri at Workforce Strategies, I knew I had someone on my side to help me find the job where I was supposed to be. My new boss continually tells me they were waiting a long time for me to come along!"

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