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You have a dream career, but what are you willing to do?

Often people will send me a resume or call the office looking for a career change. As I review their work history, I always look to see which position they held the longest. I talk with them about why they stayed in that job and what they enjoyed most. This conversation gives me a lot of insight into what really matters to that person.

You have a dream career, but what are you willing to do?

As you think about your own career path, what career would you choose, if you could choose any job? Now, you don’t get to pick brain surgeon or rocket scientist unless you have that education. Be realistic, identify the job title, responsibilities, or industry that is most meaningful to you. Dive deep into the “why” of your connection to a given career choice. Maybe you are a retail worker but desire to be in the banking industry because you love people and numbers. Maybe you are a sales executive with a desire to work in the non-profit industry because you love serving people more than selling.

Once you have identified your dream career and the “why”, let’s look at your level of willingness. I received a call from an executive making $90K per year who also had an engineering degree. His dream is to work in the non-profit sector assisting families with adoption. This cause is very special to his family and his heart’s desire is to help others with the adoption process. We began discussing his willingness to alter his work schedule and pay rate. The average non-profit organization in our area pays an annual salary of $50-60K for a director. He quickly realized that his willingness and his desire didn’t align.

Workforce Strategies : Dream Job and Career Considerations

Sometimes a dream career requires additional education, are you willing to sacrifice the time and money to get training? Are you willing to go through a pay or schedule change to get that dream job? There are times that taking two steps back can propel you beyond your wildest dreams!

Now that you have discovered your dream career, why it is important to you, and your willingness to make a change, take that next step of discovery by reviewing job postings. Take note of the expected schedules, pay, and responsibilities. If you determine it is the right path for you, set goals to make it happen!

I invite you to visit the Applicant page on our website and let me help you get started on the path to your dream career.

Build your dreams!


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